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What Languages are Spoken at your Exhibit House?

    Over the past decade we have found that speaking a foreign language works both directions at our exhibit house. May of our clients go to Europe, South America, and Asia for their out-of-country shows and we help them at various levels. We have partnerships in many countries – we are especially strong in Germany as well as Spain, France, Italy and the UK. We also have incredible houses that we build for in the US – all over South America, as well as Mexico. We have recently started working in Japan as well. We have account executives that speak all of these languages, and of course that is key.

    Using the reverse strategy we bring clients from all over Europe, South America and Asia to the US show floors. Embarrassingly they all seem to speak some level of English – wish we could say the same about everyone else’s language. However, as we all know, it is much better to communicate your concerns in your native language and that is why we are here.

    As the world seems to get smaller and we all need to work together in some facet of our business across the continents remember we are here to hold your hand!

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