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How do you summarize your brand story in what’s often a 10 second glance towards your trade show exhibit?  What if you could capture enough interest to draw someone to your trade show exhibit and learn more about your brand story in a digital medium?  That would be worth the price you paid for your trade show booth rental.  If you’re struggling to figure out how to tell your brand story with your trade show exhibit, try introducing digital technology to do it for you.  Here’s some great ideas you can try as a part of your digital storytelling:

Use Touch Screens in Your Trade Show Exhibit to Tell Your Brand Story

Touch screen technology is incredibly popular and when you think about it, it’s a great way to attract people to visit your trade show exhibit.  The reason why is it engages multiple senses- the sense of touch, visual, and often auditory. Using all of these together, your brain is stimulated.  When your brain is stimulated at a trade show exhibit, you’re far more likely to take in the entire brand story and retain that information.  Touch screens can be unobtrusive such as little stands around a larger trade show exhibit or they can be a large element that is a focal point of your trade show exhibit.  No matter how you use them, touch screens can be a secret weapon to tell your brand story in a unique and meaningful manner.

Paradox trade show exhibit

Build a Room of LED Video Walls to Tell Your Brand Story

Want to really ensure people understand your brand story at your trade show exhibit? Build a room of LED video walls.  By immersing people in your brand story, they are treated to a whole branding experience that leaves them with a greater sense of who and what you’re about after visiting your trade show exhibit. This is a great use of smart digital technology to ensure people know what your business does and what your unique value proposition is in the marketplace.

UAM Digital Storytelling

Project Your Brand Story on a Large Video Screen

If you’ve got something to say that’s compelling about your brand story, try creating a video that you can project on a large video screen either inside or adjacent to your trade show exhibit.  This allows passerby to stop and take in your messaging before visiting your trade show booth.  What better way to advertise your presence than a massive video screen playing a looped commercial or promotional video? Focus on creating something interesting and compelling that will drive people to your trade show exhibit to learn even more about your brand story.

Mclanahan trade show exhibit video wall

Broadcast Your Brand Story on an LED Wall Incorporated into Your Trade Show Exhibit

You don’t have to build an entire room of LED walls to broadcast your brand story.  You can instead just incorporate one LED wall into your trade show exhibit.  Clients often play either commercials about their products or lifestyle images using their products at trade shows.  Think about the versatility of incorporating an LED wall into your trade show exhibit as a story telling device.  This could be an excellent opportunity for your brand.

Polaroid custom exhibit

Incorporate Digital Gamification into Your Trade Show Exhibit

No matter your industry, gamification can be a powerful tool to introduce your brand story to trade show attendees.  In the world of HR, people often use these as recruiting tools to determine if candidates are a good fit for a role. However, there are many excellent applications in other fields. One client in the financial and banking industry used gamification to introduce prospects to the speed of their consulting services.  This was so popular that people waited in line at their exhibit to play the racing game.  While waiting in line, their exhibit staff introduced them to the nuances of their services to expand upon their brand story.

trade show booth interactive brand experience

When thinking about how your business is going to tell its brand story at a trade show, consider using digital technology as a means to do so.  Digital technology is something that people are quite used to and enjoy interacting with.  Using this to your business’ advantage, you can tell a more comprehensive brand story that may attract just the right prospects.

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