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We all want to stand out on the trade show floor with a unique trade show booth.  However, we don’t always have the budget to compete with the exhibits that Kodak or Polaroid deliver at their shows across the globe.  However, a smaller trade show booth can be just as successful for exhibitors no matter their industry.  These exhibitors usually have the following elements incorporated into their booth:

A Themed Trade Show Booth

Whether your trade show booth is 10×20, 20×20, 30×30 or 100×60, it’s the theme that stands out on a trade show floor.  No matter your industry, no matter your business, you can incorporate a theme into your trade show booth.  If your business is produce, you can construct a greenhouse or farm house themed trade show booth.  If your business is music, you can construct a musical themed trade show booth that leaps off the trade show floor.  Think of the most memorable things that you’ve seen at trade shows- odds are a themed booth caught your attention and you felt compelled to visit the booth.

branded exhibit signage

Unique Lighting

The basics of trade show booth design are light, movement, and color.  These are the basics of what draws people’s eyes to a trade show booth.  Exhibitors whose booths feature some truly unique lighting are standouts on the trade show floor.  If you’ve got something that nobody has seen or done before, your booth is the one capturing everyone’s attention.  If you can marry color and lighting together, you’ve got another standout.  Consider your lighting options when you design your next booth.

technological trade show display

Interactive Booths

On the trade show floor, the most common sense that exhibitors engage is sight.  But what about the other senses? As humans, we’re not only attracted to visuals.  In fact, especially at a trade show where we’re bombarded with hundreds or thousands of visuals, it’s helpful to engage the other senses.  Interactive booths are stand outs because they engage the other senses such as touch, smell, or taste.  This could be in the form of demo stations, tasting stations, touch screens to show off software, gamification and more.  The possibilities are literally endless in order to engage people while they’re in the trade show booth.

trade show booth interactive brand experience

Lively Booths

Let’s face it, if there’s a crowd at a trade show booth, you want to know why and what’s going on.  It’s only natural. Lively booths are successful because of this concept.  It plays on people’s fear of missing out, or FOMO.  Is it an open bar and a raging party?  Are there acrobats or street performers there?  Is there a game that’s got everyone enthralled?  A lively booth allows people more time to have conversations with leads while people wait to play a game, or to draw more interested prospects or consumers into the booth to have those conversations.

C+A Global interactive exhibit

Successful trade show booths often possess at least one, or even more of these elements.  If your team is looking to stand out at the next trade show, try one of our tips to increase your ROI.

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