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These days, it’s not enough to just construct a boring trade show booth that looks like every other one. No matter the industry, it’s important that exhibitors stand out from the crowd and define themselves as different.  To accomplish this, two great trends in the exhibit space now are fun trade show booth designs and experiential events.  No matter the trade show exhibit size, a sense of whimsy and fun can be introduced that causes people to beat a path to an exhibitor’s trade show booth. Try the following tips:

Introduce Fun Games to the Trade Show Booth Design

We all grew up kids at heart.  The desire to play games doesn’t end just because you graduate high school.  Consider how trade shows are often very long and exhausting events for people.  They need a break, something to take their mind off of an endless array of products.  How about an opportunity to play a game of plinko to win a prize?  Who wouldn’t want to play basketball in a trade show display for a break?  What about playing a video game to learn more about a product or service?  Games are incredibly popular integral pieces of a trade show booth design these days because of their popularity.

gamification trade show exhibit design

Create a Virtual Experience

The rise in virtual reality technology has created a very interesting and fun opportunity for exhibitors to take visitors 10,000 leagues under the sea or high above the clouds within their trade show booth.  Virtual reality seemed so far off once upon a time, but now it’s a cheaper and more readily available technology.  For this reason, many exhibitors are embracing the technology to showcase their goods and services in a fun and more memorable manner.

UAM Digital Storytelling

Introduce a Photo Booth Experience in the Trade Show Booth

Anyone who’s been paying attention realizes that today’s consumers are obsessed with photos.  Instagram is one of the most popular social media sites because of this obsession with photos.  What’s better than the ability to take a selfie in a faux Instagram captioned cut out?  These kinds of touches in a trade show booth connect with visitors and create memorable experiences they can reflect upon later.  If your product is also a technology associated with photography, videography or editing software, this can further be a fun way to tie the experience inside your trade show booth together.

trade show booth design

Use Fun Props Inside Your Trade Show Booth

Props are a fun way that exhibitors can tie the theme of their products or services together in a visual story.  If a service is global, fun global themed props can provide the experience of being in a foreign land inside the trade show booth itself.  Alternatively, they can be used to reintroduce people to the magic of a beloved character.  Additionally, they can be used as a fun way to capture the attention of passerby with motion and sound.  Props are incredibly fun and versatile ways to add to trade show booth design.

trade show display design

As the trend towards fun and experiential marketing grows in popularity inside the trade show industry, these will increasingly become common elements of trade show booth design.  For more great ideas, consult your exhibit design house partner to show you the way.

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