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Las Vegas was long solely the playground of the rich and famous.  With a colorful history, it has today become one of the leading trade show cities in the United States.  Thousands of trade shows are held in Las Vegas every year, attracting millions of people from a multitude of industries.  Whether your trade show is large or small, it’s important to stand out and make yourself more visible with your Las Vegas trade show booth.  Take these tips into consideration to ensure your next Las Vegas trade show booth is a hit:

Build Up, Not Out, with Your Las Vegas Trade Show Booth

Once an exhibitor graduates to a 20×20 trade show booth, it becomes extremely exciting.  How do you maximize your space and still provide a welcoming presence to hold important meetings?  The answer is to build your Las Vegas trade show booth up, and not out.  Using a double deck trade show display, exhibitors are better able to offer ample room to mill about and make use of demonstrations below while reserving the upper deck for important and semi-private meetings.  Double deck displays also make a huge impression on the trade show floor, towering over every other Las Vegas trade show booth.

Las Vegas trade show booth design

Brighten Up Your Las Vegas Trade Show Booth

Lighting is one of the most important elements of trade show booth design.  How your Las Vegas trade show booth is lit is very important because it’ll either welcome people into your booth or fade into the background.  You can either stand out on the trade show floor or you can become virtually invisible to trade show attendees.  To ensure your Las Vegas trade show booth is seen, amp up the lighting.  This can be accomplished in a variety of ways- unusual lighting, backlit counters, light boxes, SEG lighting structures, toe kick lighting, and more.  When designing your Las Vegas trade show booth, think carefully about how you want to be lit and how much you want to stand out on the trade show floor.

Kodak-CES- trade-show-exhibit

Introduce Some Color into Your Las Vegas Trade Show Booth

It’s no secret that bright displays get more attention on the trade show floor.  Why go with a basic beige or white color when you can spruce it up with some big bold colors?  Even if your branding doesn’t consist of bright colors, you can introduce accent colors that help your Las Vegas trade show booth to stand out.  Color is one of the basics of design and when done well, can evoke positive emotions in people.  There is an entire science behind the study of color and how it makes people feel, which is something your exhibit design house partner can guide you through if you’ve got questions.

colorful trade show exhibit

Introduce Technology into Your Las Vegas Trade Show Booth

Technology continues its rapid march forward.  As new technologies and tools are invented, more and more exhibitors are making use of this technology in order to feature it in their Las Vegas trade show booth.  This includes elements such as touch screen technology, virtual reality, augmented reality, gamification, and more.  People like being able to immerse themselves in your brand inside your booth by engaging with technology.  Since we are a culture that embraces mobile phone and tablet communications more than we embrace face-to-face communications these days, technology represents the perfect way in which to introduce trade show attendees to your goods and services.

technological trade show display

Next time you begin the design process of a Las Vegas trade show booth, remember these core principles.  They will serve you well when trying to stand out on the trade show floor.  For more great ideas, consult with your Account Executive, who can guide you through some popular ideas that they have engaged with previously.

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