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The possibilities of creating a digital world are infinite.

Virtual exhibits are cloud-based environments that combine the on-demand and self-guided access to brand and product information that customers expect today with the familiar and browsable environments of exhibits. They are separated from space, time, and location restriction and allow global visitors to access your exhibit experience on a 24/7 basis.


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What’s Old is New Again

With renders and content already in-hand, you can easily re-create your trade show exhibit virtually. Give your audience a digital experience that features the ability to click on visuals, view static or video content, and take a tour through the architectural renderings to get the most from your trade show investment. You are not limited to exhibit size – we have 1000’s of exhibits that can be rebranded to your company.

Virtual Exhibit Strategy

A virtual exhibit mimics the design of a physical exhibit. Digital content originally developed for the physical booth is optimized for the cloud and redeployed to the virtual exhibit as information hot spots. Clients decide what part of the exhibit is a hot spot and what to feature. Alongside the virtual exhibit, a client developed a campaign to build awareness and traffic through targeted emails and social media is established.

Immersive Content

Create immersive virtual exhibit experiences where your attendees can access and consume your brand’s content, no matter where they are located. Content areas can include video, audio, PDFs, info or links to other content which can incorporate connecting to your live/streaming events. Immediate distribution of brochures, catalogues, and tear sheets in real time.

Real-Time Communication

Real time communication technology is integrated into the virtual exhibit. it is now possible to leverage the power of face-to-face interactions in the virtual world. We will provide a platform for live interaction.

Brand Immersion

Immerse virtual attendees in your brand through an interactive 360-degree experience. Attendees will navigate the space and interact with your content in strategic locations.


Detailed reports are available with traffic and event analytics, metrics, and history. Capture leads right within the experience using our tools.

Event Web Application Hosting Today & Tomorrow

We provide a web-based virtual event platform that allows show visitors to watch and interact in real time allowing features and flexibility to customize unique and meaningful experiences with your attendees. Your participants do not have to download any additional software. Your exhibit will be viewable through Google Chrome or Firefox.
After the trade show has closed we can continue to host your event on our designated client-server. Our content management system for the virtual exhibit allows regular updates and the ability to repurpose the virtual exhibit for different areas or product categories. The trade show ends on your schedule.


Brand experiences of the future will not be limited to a physical space or defined perimeters. We believe a virtual strategy can amplify brand visibility, expand reach, elongate event timelines, and maximize ROI.

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