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Medical or healthcare shows are notorious for being boring.  Most organizations design a trade show exhibit that is bland, boring, and is easily skippable on the trade show floor.  Why wouldn’t you want to design something that stands out on the trade show floor?  This is why your organization needs an exhibit design house partner- to design a medical trade show display that impresses people and attracts them to the space itself.  Curious how you can do this?  Take cues from our medical trade show display clients who have been able to stand out among the giants and command a sense of presence on the trade show floor:

Embrace Gamification in Your Medical Trade Show Display

Gamification isn’t solely for tech companies- it can also be something of great use and great fun in a medical trade show display.  Instead of a bland boring medical trade show display, imagine playing basketball inside of a trade show booth.  This can be an incredibly fun draw for trade show attendees who are tired of the same pitches from the same companies and walking miles worth of the trade show floor.  By offering a fun game inside your medical trade show display, you can offer these weary trade show attendees a fun break from an otherwise monotonous show.

gamification trade show exhibit design

Design a Medical Trade Show Display with Some Color

One of the basics of exceptional trade show exhibit design is color.  In a sea of bland exhibits, the colorful medical trade show display will stand out.  Even if your brand colors are white and a pastel, your medical trade show display can stand out with bold graphics featuring accent colors, reception counters that sparkle with silver or gold accents, and more.  Think of ways in which your company can introduce a little color into your next trade show exhibit.

medical trade show display

Think Architecturally in Your Medical Trade Show Display

Often, a medical trade show display is lacking the drama of something that is architecturally interesting.  Imagine in a sea of cookie cutter little boxed trade show displays, your medical trade show display towers above the rest as an architectural marvel.  By investing your design time and budgetary dollars in such an architectural marvel, your medical trade show display will stand head and shoulders above the rest.  These kinds of visual marvels attract trade show attendees’ attention and encourage them to beat a path to your trade show display.  Whether that’s visually interesting signs rigged in interesting ways or double deck displays towering over the exhibit hall, architecturally interesting exhibits are the way to go.

medical trade show display

Use Lighting to Guide Trade Show Attendees to Your Medical Trade Show Display

One of the most basic elements of trade show exhibit design is lighting.  The way in which lighting is used can highlight branding, create a pathway to the trade show display, or illuminate new products.  Lighting can be a powerful element of design that captures more attention on the trade show floor.  This can include backlit logos, lit tension fabric walls, recessed lighting shining on products, and more.  Think of how you can use lighting to create interest.

medical trade show exhibit design

No matter where you gain inspiration, it’s important to seek out new ways to position your healthcare trade show display. Consult your skilled Account Executive and your Design Professional and find out how you can stand out among the industry giants in your space and close more deals.

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