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Exhibiting at a trade show is no easy feat; with hundreds or thousands of companies vying for the public’s attention, it can be difficult to capture their attention in the matter of seconds necessary to steer them into your trade show booth.  If your company is not the industry leader, you’re already at a disadvantage when it comes to name recognition and market share.  So how do you generate more interest in your trade show exhibit and encourage people to walk through your virtual front door?  Try the following tips and tricks:

Make Use of LED Panels in Your Trade Show Exhibit

LED panels are increasingly versatile.  No matter the shape of your trade show exhibit and the size, they can be used to construct a room, interesting and bold signage, or even become a central piece of the trade show exhibit themselves in order to project different textures or visuals to visitors.  Some companies prefer to incorporate LED panels into their trade show exhibit with mini video walls and others prefer to make them a focal point of their exhibit design altogether.  When considering how to generate interest in your trade show exhibit, think of how LED panels can be used to instantly drive people towards your booth.

JCM-Global trade show booth design

Introduce Interactive Elements in Your Trade Show Exhibit

For several years now, exhibitors have begun to see the light- people don’t just want someone yammering at them to try and sell them on a product, they want to be able to interact with the product.  Whether in the construction industry, technology, finance, human resources, automotive, or more, interactive elements are a great way to generate more interest in your company’s trade show exhibit.  The reason why this is popular among the public is because people are tactile creatures.  They’re already bombarded with visuals from every angle in the exhibit hall, so they want to be able to pick something up, touch a screen, paint and take fun pictures, play a game, or involve the sense of touch in their engagement with your product. Interactive elements could involve technology such as photo booths and editing software, gamification and touch screens or they could involve on-brand elements such as artists, and more.  The possibilities are endless. Your only limitations are your own imagination!

trade show exhibit painting

Amplify Your Marketing to Capture Trade Show Visitors 

One of the most underutilized marketing tools at trade shows are geofencing and geotargeting.  The concepts are very simple.  Using a software provider, trade show exhibitors can create a virtual fence around the convention center or exhibition hall.  Once someone enters, they will be served up ads on their social media or search engine encouraging them to visit your company’s trade show exhibit.  Geotargeting works very similarly, but companies can narrow the audience even further, seeking only visitors between certain age groups, gender, or seniority level in the company.  Depending upon the platform used, these marketing tools can be very broad or very narrow and specific.  The end result is exposure to people who may not have known your company existed or was exhibiting at the trade show.  These can be powerful marketing tools to companies seeking a higher return on investment (ROI) from their trade show exhibit.

email marketing

Choose an Interesting On-Brand Theme

Themes are very popular with companies when it comes to designing their trade show exhibit.  This can be very obvious such as a greenhouse stocked with a company’s produce or it can be subtler with a financial technology company whose sleek arches are to represent their product’s speed.  By incorporating a theme into your company’s trade show exhibit, it can generate more interest as people enter the exhibit hall, causing them to pause and decide to stop by for a visit.  Across industries, themes can be used in either subtle or strikingly obvious ways.  Consult with your exhibit design house partner for ways in which a theme can work for your exhibit.


If your company is seeking great ideas to generate more traffic and interest in your trade show exhibit, try the ideas outlined above.  Trends, technology, and industry standards will continue to evolve, but these are great ideas to get you started in the right direction now.  Try putting them into use in your next trade show booth rental.

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