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When you imagine your perfect trade show exhibit design, what comes to mind?  It’s likely a mixture of a theme, some sort of LED presence, technology, or even the graphics and lights.  The most forgotten part of trade shows is often the flooring.  Flooring is often taken for granted and people just assume carpet or hard wood flooring just shows up magically on its own.  It doesn’t; it’s there because a designer suggested the flooring would either enhance the look of an exhibit or not compete with a complex theme.  It’s worth a review of your flooring options and how it can add to your trade show exhibit design so you’re better informed the next time you step into a meeting with a designer working on your next trade show booth.  Consider the following ways in which flooring can add to your overall design:

Flooring Can Feature Your Products Better in a Trade Show Exhibit Design

Are you in an industry such as construction and building materials?  If you’re like one of our clients, your vast array of different wood, stone, and other materials means that you don’t want to opt for a boring floor to accompany your trade show exhibit design.  Instead, you’ll want to accentuate those products on display such as using a wood floor to complement your products.  Such a company wouldn’t want a boring one toned carpet when you’re selling the very kinds of products people will be stepping onto.  If your business involves similar building components, you may want to consider your flooring as a part of your trade show exhibit design.

trade show exhibit design flooring options

Keep Your Flooring Simple When Your Trade Show Exhibit Design is Complex

Some companies adopt elaborate themes when it comes to their trade show exhibit design.  The more elaborate a theme, the more likely it is they’ll want something simple so it doesn’t compete with the overall design of the booth.  That could mean a food industry exhibitor who opts for astroturf to simulate grass in a farm-to-table concept, or it could mean a simple colored rug to blend in with the colors used in a tropical getaway theme.  The options are numerous and each selection can mean a slightly different spin on your trade show exhibit design.  Will it clash?  Will it match your desired effect?  This last step can feel like minutiae but can make a very different impact on the trade show floor.  How the flooring ties together with the rest of the design can be important in these situations.

trade show exhibit design

Integrate An Unexpected Aspect to Your Flooring

What’s more interesting than an unexpected part of your trade show exhibit design when you expect a ho drum run of the mill carpet at a show?  What if you integrated an LED screen into your flooring as a centerpiece that added to the look of your trade show display?  This unexpected element is a crowd pleaser and we can say that in practice, it was a big driver of traffic for one of our clients at a recent show.  These little unexpected touches really stand out to people and turn your floor into something you don’t notice into something to be celebrated.

trade show exhibit signage

There are many different approaches to flooring as a part of your overall trade show exhibit design.  The key is to find something that works with your aesthetic and the rest of your exhibit design. For more great ideas, ask your Account Executive and your trade show booth designer.  They’ll be able to recommend something that will accomplish your goals.

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