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We all want to stand out on the trade show floor and gain more leads and prospects than our competitors.  If you’re not the industry giant, a large part of that is how you present your trade show messaging as a part of your exhibit design.  Even as an industry giant, they got that way in part of how their trade show messaging incorporated into their exhibit design.  Consider the following ways in which your brand can effectively use trade show messaging in your exhibit design:

Use a Video Screen to Display Your Trade Show Messaging

Recently, we had one client incorporate a large video screen as a part of their outdoor trade show display.  Their trade show messaging incorporated seamlessly into their exhibit design, attracting the attention of trade show visitors from across the outdoor exhibition space.  This was a thoughtful and purposeful exhibit design idea in order to overshadow their competitors and to broadcast their custom trade show messaging to the European market.

Mclanahan trade show exhibit video wall

Signage and Your Exhibit Design

Signage is one of the most important elements of your trade show display design.  It’s also the best place to incorporate trade show messaging such as tag lines, important words associated with your brand, or even pictures that connect with your brand.  The use of signage in your exhibit design is incredibly important.  Even with a hanging sign overhead, there’s lots of space to incorporate photos, words, or lights.  The inside of overhead signage is just as important as the outside- there’s so much real estate to work with as a part of your exhibit design.

Lakeside Software Exhibit Design

Light Boxes as a Part of Your Exhibit Design with Custom Trade Show Messaging

Light boxes are popular in exhibition design because they attract visitors’ eyes to the trade show booth.  When these light boxes also feature custom graphics and trade show messaging, they become a beacon for advertising your brand.  You may not be the giant in the industry, but people will certainly know what it is you do or produce.  Consider light boxes as a part of your next exhibit design.

Agrana trade show exhibit design custom trade show messaging

Wrap Meeting Rooms with Trade Show Messaging

Meeting rooms are a large surface area that are perfect places to wrap with graphics and messaging as a part of your exhibit design.  Whether frosted with a slogan and branding or wrapped in dreamscape wallpaper, the surface area is perfect to communicate your brand, value proposition, or introduce new industries or elements to trade show attendees.  In the exhibit design process, consider how this will add another layer of branding and messaging to your overall exhibit.

Premiertech wrapped exhibit design custom trade show messaging

Trade shows are often difficult places to stand out among the crowd.  However, they are also opportunities to communicate with a captive and interested audience through your booth design.  For more great ideas of how to present your custom trade show messaging through your trade show booth design, ask your exhibit house design partner.  Their decades of experience can guide you towards the right decisions.

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