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When you erect a structure on the trade show floor, you’re not just putting up a trade show booth, you’re creating an environment that will let visitors experience your brand.  Therefore, you need to think of the experience you provide with your trade show display.  What do you want people to take away from that experience?  What emotional connections do you want them to form with your brand as a result of browsing your trade show display?  Consider the following ways you can create a better experience inside your display at your next show:

Let Them Experience Your Products with a Themed Trade Show Display

It can be difficult for some businesses to really think of how to provide an experience that connects with their brand, but some really get it right.  At a recent show, one of our exhibitors was able to deliver an experience with their trade show display that really connected to their terrariums.  The entire display felt like you were inside a terrarium complete with the greenery and live tortoises crawling around in their pen. What better way to provide an experience of what your products are than to drop visitors into a living breathing embodiment of a terrarium?  This was a great way to connect with people and to provide a superior experience with their trade show display.

themed trade show display

Consider Introducing Motion into Your Trade Show Display

We say it often, but motion is one of the basics of good trade show exhibit design.  In fact, science tells us that motion captures people’s attention, leading them to retain brands’ information 90% more than displays that don’t feature motion.  A great way to introduce motion into your trade show display is to make your hanging sign spin.  Typically, the best motion speed is 2RPM so people can absorb your branding from afar.  And they do.  Exhibitors enjoy a higher rate of retention and more visitors with hanging signs that rotate. Motion isn’t limited to signage, though. You can also introduce it into your display items such as rotating signage on table tops and rotating display cases.


Develop Customized Display Stations in Your Trade Show Booth

Display stations are often humdrum and not very exciting.  You know what is, a customized tour of a farm where products are grown, the ability to choose different kinds of adventures to solve technical problems, and more.  When your display stations are fun, you can certainly provide a better experience with your trade show display.  People want to be entertained as much as they want to be informed at a trade show.  After all, they’ve got hundreds, sometimes thousands of people vying for their attention.  Give them something fun to do.

trade show display design

Give People a Break and a Place to Unwind

If you provide the zen area of the trade show floor for visitors to congregate, you’re far more likely to connect with them.  Consider how some of the most popular exhibits at trade shows are the spaces that offer massage chairs, lounges with coffee or food, and more.  You can tie these to your brand with clever taglines and branded facades.  Overall, visitors will remember the way they felt visiting your trade show display and the experience they had while there.

food trade show display

It’s not enough to simply build a structure and hope people come on in to find out more about your products.  You have to offer an experience.  What experience will you provide?  For more great suggestions, ask your Account Executive and Designer how you can provide a better experience with your trade show display.

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